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Features that make the Smartkat amazing:


​Smartkat’s hulls are made from heavy-duty PVC to provide lightweight and secure buoyancy as well as being extremely robust.

On very exposed areas (e.g. main frame mounts and at the seams), the hulls are made of several layers of PVC material for added strength and durability.


The rudder is equal in size and strength as the centerboard. Because of the centerboard’s placement in the center of effort rudder pressure is minimal even at high speeds speeds and when flying a hull. Just like the centerboard the rudder has quick-release mechanism that will allow it to swing up on ground contact when beaching.


Both hulls attach to a large diameter anodized aluminum tubular frame which also supports the trampoline and provides mounting for the centerboard, bow sprit, mast and rudder. The trampoline consists of a skin-friendly material with good grip that ensures instant drainage and fast drying. The sophisticated construction of the 6′ long trampoline offers a comfortable area for active sailing or just lazing around. Three hiking straps run along the trampoline to lock in your feet when sailing in strong wind.


As opposed to most other catamarans the Smartkat has a swing keel and center rudder which gives it a distinctive upwind advantage. The centerboard and rudder will kick up on ground contact allowing for easy beaching. The centerboard post has a patented ”king pin” arrangement that provides the underpinning for the mast structure. The boat’s strength and rigidity come from its frame and quick release wire rigging which means there is no stress on the hulls.

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